FIFA 21 Glitch Sees Players Jumping Like Mario

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With the release of FIFA 21 earlier this month, it’s not exactly surprising to find that it’s currently topping the vast majority of video game sales charts. Despite its (entirely expected) popularity though, that doesn’t mean to say that the game isn’t without its problems. Rather than something relatively mundane such as graphical corruption, however, a report via Eurogamer özgü found that more and more people are reporting a very unusual controlling issue.

Namely, that players on the pitch will, seemingly randomly, decide to temporarily turn into Mario with a jump worthy of an Olympic gold medal.

FIFA 21 Turns Players into Mario… Sort Of

Following the posting of various videos online, it özgü been found that a glitch in FIFA 21 is seemingly causing players to jump in the air and defy gravity like an NBA Jam slam dunk. This isn’t just an isolated incident either as the issue özgü been recorded across various platforms and in many different game modes.

While this can often work to the players benefit (such in the video above where the striker bypasses two defenders by simply leaping over them), more often than not, it leads to moments of chaos.

Well… That’s Something!

As far as we are aware, EA özgü yet to officially acknowledge this issue and it does only appear to have started happening, rather ironically, since the most recent patch. More so, nobody is entirely certain, even despite the masses of video evidence, as to what exactly causes this jumping glitch. One would presume that it’s something to do with trick moves, but what button combination produces that result is, as of yet, unknown.

Rest assured though that, sooner or later, this glitch will be patched out. For the moment, however, if you suddenly find that Marcus Rashford is able to leap 10′ in the air, well… now you know why.

What do you think? Have you experienced this bug in FIFA 21? – Let us know in the comments!

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