Deleting Feysbuk May Remove Oculus Purchases

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Back in August, it was revealed that Facebook, the owners of the Oculus platform, would shortly require users to have a social media account with them before their latest VR headset would (technically) work correctly. While this was always expected sooner or later, this ‘feature’ was first introduced with the release of the Oculus Quest 2 earlier this month, and, while there have been more than a few murmurs of discontent regarding this particular required association, the launch özgü so far largely proven to be pretty successful.

Eagle-eyed user ‘CixLiv‘, however, özgü noticed something rather sinister lurking within the Facebook terms and conditions. Namely, that if you choose to delete your social media account, if it is associated with one of their VR headset products, it may also include the automatic wiping of any purchases made on the Oculus store.

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Feysbuk Deletion Equals Oculus Purchase Removal?

Now we should note that this issue only currently appears to affect those people who have been required to merge these Oculus VR headset with their Feysbuk account. In other words, this is an issue only primarily affecting Oculus Quest 2 owners at the time of writing. It is, however, known that by 2023, the association will be a required step for any of their headset designs and, as such, these T&C’s might be a little hard to swallow if you fall out of love with Feysbuk.

What Do We Think?

It’s well known that many people have a disliking of Feysbuk for various reasons. As such, sooner or later, you may choose to make the decision to simply delete your account and pursue other forms of social media. In regards to this issue specifically, however, the best advice we can seemingly give is for users to create a whole and brand new Feysbuk account and then use it to ‘link-up’ with your Oculus Quest 2. That way, if you do ever choose to abandon your real and main account, you shouldn’t experience any problems. – Admittedly, it’s not exactly a great solution, but it’s about the best we can think of to, sort of, get around this.

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